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Toolroom Management

In modern day manufacturing, it can be difficult to invest time running your core busines, as well as running an additional department such as the Tool-room. Without correct management and leadership, the tool-room can become inefficient and unproductive. CTS can help you invest in management, machinery and methods by successfully outsourcing your tool-room. We are the No 1 UK company who has a proven track record of successfully outsourcing tool-room facilities across the UK.

When outsourcing a tool-room, we ensure:


  • A well planned take over with timescales and milestones,
  • To take 100% responsibility for the tool-room
  • Allowing the re-organisation of manufacturing management internally to free up resources
  • To successfully implement our tracking and audit systems
  • To invest in management, machinery and methods by re-training, re-organising & re-motivating the workforce as well as the effectiveness of machinery-
  • To fill capacity fully across sites

Expected benefits include:-

  • Increased tool-room productivity
  • Cost savings
  • Additional support and technical expertise
  • Time saving
  • Additional pool of machines and labour
  • Critical spares program

A key service offered by CTS is Tool-room Management, which offers results including a reduction in tooling costs, faster reaction times, and more reliable tooling.


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